Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Son, Cory Godbey's Blog...

I wanted to digress from a horror post, because I wanted to share a very special blog with you. My son, Cory has had a blog for a lot longer than I have. It was after reading his blog for quite sometime that I decided that I wanted to do a blog. So I guess you could say, he was my inspiration. His blog is listed on my blog, but often, people don't look at blog lists unless the blog name really sticks out to them. I decided to give all of you a reason to look at his blog. Cory is a very talented artist. He works for Portland Studios in Greenville, SC. This is their website. They are illustrators, animators, and much more.

His blog is filled with his work, both finished product and doodles at times. He has illustrated children's books, book covers, worked on animated TV commercials, and even published a picture book. The book is called Ticket and is available for sell on his blog. There is a You Tube video below of the many pictures that he drew for your viewing. I'm very proud of Cory and I wish him continued success in a very difficult field to make it in... but so far so good!

I guess in a way there is a "horror" aspect to this post. Cory's mom and I were divorced 8 years ago and things have been very straind since then. Divorce can be so much harder on the children then the parents. It was a relief for me to get out of his mom's life... I never intended to be out of my children's life. Their mom had other ideas and made it nearly impossible for me to see them. The fact that I moved to New Hampshire and they live in South Carolina didn't help either. I'm hopeful that both Cory and Courtney will find it in their hearts to forgive me for hurting them and tearing a rip in their family life. I do hold hope that they will and things can be repaired before it is too late. Enough of that... check out Cory's blog and the video clip of his book... good stuff!

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Miss Kolleen said...

divorce is hard-- luckily i got one when my son was still young and hasn't known anything different.

your son is very talented! you should be very proud!

frgodbeyjr said...

Thanks for your kind words... I am very proud of Cory!:)

Anonymous said...

Cory is so handsome Frank! Didn't get that from you did he? Lol! You know I'm just kidding. He is a very talented artist. I think he will go far in life with his gifts. Don't give up hope Frankie. You never know what the future holds in store.

frgodbeyjr said...

So true Elise... time will tell. BTW, of course he got his drop-dead good looks from his dad! :)

Anonymous said...

So modest aren't you? Lol!