Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nightmare New England...

Last night, Tina, Elise, Leeann, Ashley, Aaron, Chris, and myself loaded up two cars and headed to Nightmare New England. It took us about an hour and ten minutes to get there and I have to tell you, it was WORTH the trip. We all had a blast getting the crap scared out of us. It was the last night for this season, but don't fret... there's always next year. Not only did the place have four huge haunted houses, there was go-cart races (I finished last... go-cart had no power!), batting cages (didn't try it), fire pit, hot chocolate, and apple cider. It really was so much fun. We went through all the haunted houses twice. The Buried Alive house was really creepy. There were two areas in that house where it was pitch black and you had to push your way through two rubber walls that conformed to your body and it made you feel so claustrophobic. There was a "mental hospital" that had some of the weirdest characters and props that really had us jumping out of our skin. The worst... in the cemetery... hiding behind a large tombstone... a midget with a chainsaw!!! I kid you not! He came running at me (yes, I was in the lead position) with a real chainsaw piercing the night and scared the crap out of me! I ran like a scared little girl! Now, I know the chainsaw had no chain for obvious reasons, but it caught me off guard... OK, both times we went through! LOL! I'm really glad Tina found this place online. We all decided that we were going to save a few dollars every week for the next year so that we can go to several of these places throughout New Hampshire every weekend next October... it was just that much fun! Here's the directions to the place for anyone interested as to where it is... save this post for next year... I know you want too!

Nightmare New England is at 454 Charles Bancroft Highway (RT 3A) in Litchfield, New Hampshire.

We are located on the banks of the historic Merrimack River, only minutes away from Nashua and Manchester, NH and less than one hour from Boston!

From the South
93 North to 293 North
Take exit 2 (Brown Avenue) at the traffic light
Take a left onto Brown Avenue.
Proceed for 1 mile, at the traffic light take a right onto 3A South.
Nightmare New England is 3 1/2 miles on the right.

From the North
Take 93 South to 293 South to Exit 2, Brown Ave Follow signs to Airport Bear Right at Airport entrance onto Route 3A Nightmare New England is 3.5 miles on the right.

Here's a URL with a lot of pictures of the park...

Click on the title of this post and it will send you to the parks web site... check it out, it really was a lot of fun!
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