Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween equals vampires...

Nothing is more Halloween than vampires. In my opinion, vampires are the scariest creatures in film and print. There is an attraction to them because of the power they have as well as their limitations. It's the limitations that interest me the most... cannot come out in daylight, cannot cross over water, the cross, etc. It's the limitation that give us hope that they can be defeated. In all horror there has to be a hope of defeating the "bad guy" or else there is no hope. I was reading some old post on today and I was quite pleased how many people love the old school vampires. In Hollywood today, they have tried to make the traditional vampire boring and have given the "new" vampire the ability to fear nothing, like the cross and daylight. Even though I love the Blade movies, I seriously miss the old school vampire. Bela Lugosi was so intense as Dracula and made you fear him, yet you had hope that he could be defeated. I guess that's one reason I have been writing my vampire book with such emotion and passion. I want the old school vampire to come back in vogue. So maybe one day it will become a movie and that will restart interest in a more traditional vampire. One could only hope. There's a clip at the bottom of this post from the movie 30 Days of Night... what a terrifying thought, 30, 24 hour days of fleeing vampires! Check out the clip. Take the time to re watch some of the old vampire movies and revisit the traditional vampire~

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Miss Kolleen said...

vampires are everywhere!

i wrote a blog post about this at one point; between the twilight series, a book i read call the year of disappearances, true blood on hbo... it seems you can't escape them!

did you ever see "shadow of the vampire"?

Anonymous said...

You are right. And I know this is another one of our most popular discussions, but it is also one of your biggest pet peeves. I wholeheartdly agree with you. Vampires need some of the traditional trappings to keep the story/movie genuine. When you take things like that away then I think you move too far away from what the Vampire was originally intended to be.

frgodbeyjr said...

Miss Kolleen, I've seen A LOT of vampire movies, but not this one. Is it a good one?

Thanks for the cpmment as well Elise! Vampires rock!