Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Strangers...

Elise got this movie and The Happening in the mail yesterday and had to call me at work to rub it in. In my Netflix "Q", I have "Long wait" on both. So I told Elise to call Tina and see if she wanted to watch either one of them and have Elise come over after I got out of work at 9pm. It was a go! When I got home we put in the movie The Strangers. This movie is the most tension filled movie I have ever watched. As you all may or may not know, tension in a movie is the most important element to me. I LOVE movies that are well written, well acted, and have a ton of tension. This movie was all of the above! It is based on a true story and the crime has not been solved to date. A brief description below:

The Strangers
(2008) UR
In this heart-pounding thriller, young suburban couple James (Scott Speedman) and Kristen (Liv Tyler) welcome the peace and quiet of a secluded family vacation home -- that is, until three masked home invaders make them realize how dangerous isolation can be. Written and directed by Bryan Bertino, the film also stars Australian supermodel Gemma Ward, Kip Weeks, Glenn Howerton and Laura Margolis.

This is really a good movie. Chilling, and very much an edge of your seat scare ride. The "strangers" come and go throughout the movie adding to the mental torture of the film. We never see their faces because of the masks they wear. Check out the trailer below...

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Miss Kolleen said...

you have to watch what you credit as based on true events vs based on a true story-- something like this, and say, baby blues can be based on "true events" because things like this happen and are unsolved all the time. there is no such case involving these particular people.

from imdb:

# Bryan Bertino credits the main inspiration of the film to the infamous Manson murders.

# According to director Bryan Bertino the film is partially based on an incident that happened to him as a child. One evening a stranger came to his door and asked for someone who wasn't there. The stranger left, but later Bertino found out that other homes in his neighborhood had been broken into that night.

I liked this movie but comparatively, ILS (aka Them) and Funny Games are much more suspenseful and better done in my opinion.

frgodbeyjr said...

When it says it in the trailer and in the description of the movie, well, I'm just going by what I read and saw... I do appreciate your comments as always, but I don't know what to tell you, it was an honest mistake... the trailer does not say what the "true events" were. I haven't seen Them, but my wife and I didn't like Funny Games at all... a boring, slow moving, movie.

Miss Kolleen said...

Oh! Did you watch the American or German version? I found the German version intriguing. I wasn't trying to fuss, just saying! Give them a whirl, its very good.

frgodbeyjr said...

We watched the German version a while back, but I don't do sub-titled movies very often... find them to much trouble. I don't like watching and reading a movie at all. The American version was just too slow for me and I hated the "rewind" scene... it didn't seem to fit the movie at all.