Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nightmare New England... Haunted House...

As I see it, Halloween isn't just for kids any more. I'm an old guy (49), but I remember as a kid that Halloween was just the night we went out for trick or treat. Now days, there's parties, dressing up at work, Halloween parties at friends houses, and haunted houses every where. When I was a kid, I hated haunted houses. I guess they scared me too much. As I got older, I loved them. So my advice is, get out there and have some fun this Halloween!

Tina was looking on the web for something fun to do this Halloween. We had talked about going to Salem, MA for the day because I have always wanted to go there. Salem of course is famous for the witch trials in 1692. Also, it is where my vampire comes to America in 1630... The vampire I refer to is from my novel that I have been working on for five years. It is basically done and hopefully soon I will be trying to get it published. Any way, Salem is still a dream for another day. Tina found this place in Litchfield, NH which is between Manchester and Nashua. I looked over the site and found it to be really interesting. Just click on the title of this post and it will take you to the Nightmare site. I put a lot of the attractions and information for the place below.

Guests begin their Nightmare at the “Monster Midway” where they will be greeted by dozens of freakish characters that freely roam the grounds of the Scream Park. The Midway will also feature concessions, gifts, photo opportunities, go-karts, two themed 18-hole mini-golf courses and more!

Those who dare to enter “Buried Alive” will experience the frightening feeling of having been buried underground. These unfortunate souls will encounter the creatures and elements of decay including cockroaches, worms, and maggots. “Buried Alive” features over 14 rooms of sheer terror and is the perfect experience to get the heart pumping!

Upon exiting Buried Alive, guests will follow a dark path alongside the woods where they will come face to face with some of Nightmare New England’s “creatures of the night” before entering “Raven’s Claw Cemetery”. Walking under the iron archway and into the cemetery, guests immediately are surrounded by crypts, tombstones, mausoleums and freshly dug graves. Guests can walk through the mausoleums and caretaker houses that dot the landscape. Corpses and zombies lurk in the shadows and fog that blanket the cemetery. “Raven’s Claw” takes full advantage of the natural landscape around the historic Merrimack River and is guaranteed to deliver thrills and screams to all who dare to enter!

Beyond the cemetery, guests continue along a path lit by torches and moonlight. After the short walk among the cornstalks, guests soon enter the third attraction-- “The 3-D Freakshow.” The Freakshow includes classical 3-D scenes with clowns, carnival themes and toxic waste that are always crowd-thrillers. However, this event prides itself on bringing Extreme 3-D to New England by offering many non-traditional scenes not found anywhere else! This event is designed to confuse and disorient the guests as they twist, turn, and try to escape through the rooms and corridors.

Leaving “Freakshow”, guests continue along a dark, winding path to the fourth attraction. “Sleep Stalkers” is designed to feel like an old, decrepit hospital. The patients in this hospital suffer from insomnia and are slowly being driven insane by their condition and the dreadful creatures that lurk just outside the hospital walls. Some of the scenes guests will visit include patient “sleeping” quarters, neurological testing facilities, cold storage, the laundry facility and more. With over 15 fright filled rooms, “Sleep Stalkers” is the perfect, bone-chilling way to wrap up this Nightmare.

Nightmare New England is at 454 Charles Bancroft Highway (RT 3A) in Litchfield, New Hampshire.

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