Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Wolf Man (2009)

The remake of the 1941 The Wolf Man movie is coming out sometime in 2009. Other than vampires (which are my passion of course), I really like werewolf movies. The 1941 original was awesome! I have a video of the trailer for it at the end of this post. Lon Chaney, Jr. was a great character actor for his day. I've seen that movie many, many times. I never tire of seeing the truly great classic horror films of the past. Benicio Del Toro plays the tormented Larry Talbot character that Lon Chaney made famous. The fact that Anthony Hopkins is also in this movie heightens my interest all the more. Sir Anthony is one of my favorite actors... you HAVE to love his work in Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. As soon as I can find a trailer for the 2009 version, I will post it. I did find an unofficial trailer on You Tube but it had a restriction on it and would not allow you to copy it. However, the link to it is just above the trailer. Copy the link and paste it to the address and view the trailer... it looks really good! I can't wait!

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